Our Story

Liberate was founded by Tony Stocks from a passion to help individuals and businesses grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom. We do this by using the skills gained from working within large corporates, top tier accounting firms and working with high net worth individuals.

Upon learning after his honeymoon that his wife was pregnant with their first child, Tony resigned from his position as Finance Director for Clive Palmer’s company – Mineralogy and formed his own business to help clients achieve financial freedom. As Clive would most frequently say – “Time is the enemy”, and Tony definitely understood this with the demands of juggling a new business and new family.

Tony Stocks


Tony Stocks (1)

Tony has 20 years of experience across banking, large privately owned companies and high net worth families in Queensland.

Highly qualified, Tony’s core skills and passion is forward thinking and planning to help clients execute strategies to achieve wealth.

“Accountants are trained from day 1 to focus and report on the past, whilst only meaningful change in circumstances happens by influencing the future.”

Amanda Casey


Amanda Casey (1)

Amanda has been working at Liberate since 2014 whilst she finished her studies and is now a qualified Accountant. Amanda specialises in individual tax returns and retail and hospitality staff and businesses. Highly personable, Amanda also maintains oversees client relationships and office administration.

Fernando Garcia


Fernando Garcia has more than 20 years Accounting experience. His clients have benefited from his extensive Accounting expertise and knowledge. As an Accountant, Fernando has been involved in a vast array of industry from Insurance, Import and Export, Tradie Businesses, Manufacturing to Real Estate.

He provides advice, encouragement, resources and real tools to support businesses at every step of the way. Fernando’s approach is hands on, offering a trusted advisory service surpassing the expected general tax compliance for all the tradie industry and small business alike.

He is deeply committed to improving his clients financial situation. His clear guidance helps his clients make the right decisions.

His passion is to make a difference to his clients lives by helping them fulfil their goals in building their business and financial future.

He prides himself in listening to his clients to get a clear understanding of their business and personal situation and best services his client through wealth accumulation.

Fernando’s strengths are his focus on client relationships, quick turnaround services and providing a supportive experience through hands on Business, Tax and Accounting advice and training.